Walk for Eve

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Our Walk-a-thon on Friday 29 May was a fabulous day.  Firstly  a  big  ‘thank you’  to all  the  families  who  have supported this event in the form of sponsorship; all funds raised will go towards supporting the Guy family who are looking after Eve in Sydney. Eve is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will have an operation to remove the tumour on her leg in the near future. There will be a long recovery after the operation that will require frequent trips to Sydney but we hope to have her back as soon as possible. Don’t forget there is a raffle happening as well and local businesses have been very generous in donating wonderful prizes. It’s great to see the children really getting behind this fundraiser, showing faith in action. Please give generously.



2015 Student Council

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On Friday 30 January we had a special liturgy in the Church for Years 1 to 6. The 2015 Student Council was inducted during the liturgy. Father Paul Winter had a very important message about leadership for the students.  Mr Dent made an excellent point as well – ALL students in Year 6 are leaders at our school. They have made a great start to 2015 and our staff will be guiding them along the way.

Welcome to 2015!

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Our St Augustine’s school community welcomes Mr Peter Watts as Principal. We look forward to working with Peter to continue our commitment to providing excellence in education in a faith filled, caring environment. Welcome back to all our students and especially to all our new families!


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Our Principal, Dr Jake Madden will spend his last day at our school on Friday 15 August. He will be moving to Dubai to take up a Principalship at a K-12 school. Over the past ten years Mr Madden has navigated our school through an unprecedented time of change. Always ahead of the game, he is aware of what schools in the 21st Century need to be for learners and has inspired his staff to consider what learning dispositions students require to learn and take their place in the world.

Jake was not only seen as a leader of learning at St Augustine’s but also a leader within the Diocese of Lismore. His contribution to education was recognised more formally when he was awarded a Fellowship with the NSW arm of the Australian Council of Educational Leaders. This award recognises members who have made an outstanding contribution over a period of time to the improvement of student and organisational outcomes. Contemporary leadership is extremely challenging for Principals however Jake has responded to these challenges knowing that learning outcomes for students cannot be compromised. Our students come first. We thank Jake most sincerely for all he has done for St Augustine’s School. We wish him all the very best for the future.

Please join our staff and students for a special assembly for Mr Madden on Thursday 14 August at 2:00pm.

St Augustines

Visiting Author

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The St Augustine’s kindergarten classes were treated to a special visit by an author during their library lesson this week. Adam Wood is the author of the children’s book “Charlie”, but the best part is that “Charlie” was written for his own son Charlie who is in kindergarten at the school. While he was visiting Adam demonstrated how to draw the title character and talked about creating the story and illustrations.

The students were delighted to meet a real live author and illustrator and had many questions for Adam about the writing and production of his book. To meet a real author and illustrator is a great event but to personally know the inspiration for the subject of a book is a particularly unique opportunity in which the students were keen to be a part of.

The story was very popular with all the Kindergarten students who took great delight in sharing in the adventures of “Charlie”. Adam has kindly donated a copy of his first book to the St Augustine’s school library but for details on how to purchase your own copy of “Charlie” go to http://au.blurb.com/b/5130619-charlie


Designing a Playground

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Year 1 at St Augustine’s School have been learning about how we can meet our needs.

After exciting discussion on needs and wants the students decided that they “want” some school playground equipment.

In response to identifying their want, the students studied pedestrian safety and set out on a walk to Brelsford Park to see the types of equipment that could be used.

At the park the children looked at the following aspects; enjoyment, safety, comfort and aesthetics.
They will use this knowledge to design and build their own playground which might be suitable for our school. We can’t wait to see their designs!

Pictured are an excited Year 1 group as they head off to explore Brelsford Park!

Catholic Schools Week 9-15 March

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This week St Augustine’s joins Catholic schools across NSW and the ACT to celebrate Catholic Schools Week from 9-15 March. The main aim of the annual event is to build community awareness about the strengths and distinctiveness of Catholic schools.

The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2014 is ‘more than a great education’ which encourages schools to showcase for their local community the opportunities available to students, raise awareness, and celebrate the uniqueness of Catholic schools.

Catholic Schools Week is about strengthening relationships between all those who have a stake in our schools – students, staff, families, priests, parishioners, and members of the wider community – by showcasing what happens in our classrooms every day.

An example can be found on this page with one of our Year Six students assessment tasks. (See the video)
I encourage you to take the opportunity to contact our school office and ask for a school tour. I’d love to take you through our learning centres and share the exciting things that happen each and every day in our school.
Jake Madden

St Augustine’s 2014 Student Council Induction

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The commencement of the school year for 2014 for staff and students at St Augustine’s Primary School began with a Mass affiliated by Parish Priest Father Paul Winter on Friday 31st January. All students from Years One to Six joined in this celebration and witnessed the 2014 student council being sworn in to their new roles as leaders of the school community.

We wish our students leaders every success in their new roles and and know they will be positive role models for all students at St Augustine’s.

School Captains – Jaida Smith, Thomas Anderson
Vice – Captains – Poppy Smyth, Liam Berg
Student Council – Tia Bohringer, Ky Birmingham, Lilly Cook, Charlie Catling, Zachary Clarke, Paulini Kaidrokia, Lil Potter and Griffin Moore.