Mission & Goals

Our Mission: Our mission is to embrace and engage alumni and other supporters as vital stakeholders of St Augustine’s for the benefit of students and the community.
Our Goals:

  • To promote communication and a sense of community among alumni and other supporters
  • To encourage and facilitate volunteerism
  • To encourage and facilitate the donation of funds, goods and services
  • To increase pride in St Augustine’s within the wider Coffs Harbour Community.

The history of the St Augustine’s Association of Alumni and Friends

Development of the association began in 2012 with a simple question: How can we connect alumni, parents and the St Augustine’s community to help support St Augustine’s students?
During the 75th Anniversary celebrations the initiation of an ex-students’ bursary was established to support the transition to John Paul College.

How Can I get involved?

A. Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of the St Augustine’s Association of Alumni and Friends is easy and free. Your membership in the association demonstrates your pride in St Augustine’s School and your commitment to the success of current and future St Augustine’s students. While many high schools have alumni associations it is rare for primary schools to offer such organisations. Our goal is to provide additional opportunities for the greater St Augustine’s community to get involved in supporting St Augustine’s students. Simply contact the school to provide you email address to receive our newsletter and other school related information.

B. Donating

Donating to the Association of Alumni and Friends allows you to directly impact the quality of St Augustine’s education. Financial donations made to the association are used exclusively to serve the needs of current St Augustine’ s students. Donations of goods and services go directly towards our fund raising efforts. To make a donation, please contact the school.

C. Volunteering

Because we understand the value of your time, the Association of Alumni and Friends offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule. Whether your desire is to work directly with students, perform administrative tasks or help beautify and maintain the school property, the association can connect you with the volunteer opportunity that is right for

How are donations used?

Financial donations to the school are used for the direct benefit of St Augustine’s students. The school has established priorities each year based upon the urgency of student needs.
Each year a number of fund raising events are organised to support the purchase of essential items for the school. Contributions to these events through the donation of goods and services are gratefully received.
Contributions to the St Augustine’s School can take many forms and may be directed to the year level, department or program of your choice. Every gift is important. Every gift helps our students.

To discuss ways you can give to the St Augustine’s School please contact our Principal, Dr Jake Madden