Best Start

As part of our learning program, our Kindergarten teachers implement the “Best Start program to help identify the literacy and numeracy needs of our students before they enter Kindergarten. This data from this program enables the teachers to plan meaningful learning experiences for our students.

Gifted and Talented

As part of our commitment to all students there are a number of specialised programs to maximise the learning needs of every child. Provision of programs include extension programs, curriculum differentiation, interest groups and creative workshops.

School Programs

Our curriculum programs offer many rich opportunities to nurture students to become active members of the community and to strive be be life long earners. In short our school programs:

  • Help students identify their interests and abilities
  • Support students in setting personal learning goals
  • Promote students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators and to take responsibility for their learning.


St Augustine’s aims to engage all learners and lead them to become digitally literate, innovative, creative and confident users of technology. eLearning offers students and teachers access to vast resources and the opportunities to explore new, exciting and powerful ways of teaching and learning.

  • Technology

At St Augustine’s we believe that technology offers students the opportunity to succeed in an ever changing and growing world. Technology can improve communication, enhance thinking skills and make instruction more efficient and effective. Students and teachers at St Augustine’s have access to SmartBoard technology with short-throw and overhead projectors in all of the classrooms; laptops; i-pods; i-pads; digital cameras; digital video cameras; digital microscope; printers; scanners; robotics kits and a wide range of software to support & classroom teaching and learning.

  • KnowledgeNet

At St Augustine’s we use a student learning managment system called KnowledgeNET, KnowledgNet is a learning management system that facilitates the effective sharing of knowledge and communication. It engages learners in the 21st century by using learning processes and tools in a collaborative and interactive online learning environment to enable lifelong learning. The software program provides a variety of tools that aid efficient and effective communication across our learning community. Online calendars and noticeboards give access to dates, meetings and important information anywhere and at anytime. Our KnowledgeNET helps support our students growing up in a digital environment.

Learning Support

Supporting classroom teachers is our Learning Support Team. With specialist teachers working with classroom teachers on specific students’ learning needs additional support is provided to students who need extra help in meeting curricula outcomes.