Library & Resource Centre (LARC)

Opening Times

Our Library and Resource Centre (LARC) is open from 8.30 am to 4pm daily with borrowing and quiet reading available to children before school and at lunchtime from 1.20pm. Parents are encouraged to visit the LARC with their children after school.

Borrowing and the Love of Literature

Years K-2

It is essential to create a love of literature, learning and books in the early formative school years. To develop this, St Augustine’s incorporates a weekly library classes with the K-2 children. In these lessons, our specialist Teacher Librarian ensures that:

  • good quality literature is shared
  • authors and illustrations are discussed to create an appreciation of the work they do
  • care of books and borrowing procedures are explicitly taught
  • sections of the library are learnt about and used
  • beginning skills for the optimum use of the library as a tool for Information Literacy in the 21st century is explicitly taught ie. basic google searches etc

Year 3-6

In the primary years borrowing a wide range of, and introduction to high quality literature is still imperative. In the 3-6 grades this is possible through a short borrowing time of about 20 minutes under the direction of their class teachers. In collaboration with the Teacher Librarian, this enables the class teachers to ensure the use of the LARC is integrally connected with class life.

Early Bird Reading Program

Each morning children in Years 1-3 are encouraged to participate in the Early Bird Reading Program. A band of staff are available to listen to children read. A special reward and sticker procedure is in place for regular participants.


Visitors to the LARC will see a number of interesting displays catering for a range of interests. The displays support and encourage students to enter the literature world.

Premiers’ Reading Challenge

A key program for St Augustine’s is the participation in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. In fulfilling the criteria of the challenge students are encouraged to reading a variety of books. Rewards and certificates are an endpoint for the students but the real benefit is in not only completing the challenge but the opening of doors into different genres.