St Augustine’s Strategic Plan 2014-2018 – Gateway to Greatness

St Augustine’s has a long, illustrious history of achieving excellence and providing benefit to the families in the Coffs Harbour region. However, the school finds itself, like all educational institutions, in challenging times. These challenges provide great opportunities. Our Strategic Plan is designed to take advantage of these opportunities. The plan and the process would not have been possible without the support of our staff, parent community and the students.

We created our Strategic Plan in careful alignment with the Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Lismore’s strategic directions, the Diocesan Foundational Beliefs Statement and the Diocesan Contemporary Learning Framework. Our 2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan enhances the effectiveness of our current learning framework.

Our Strategic Plan is designed to be the school’s operational plan for the next five years. It was created from the work of staff, students and parents who dedicated a tremendous amount of time and energy to its completion. The participation was exceptional, but perhaps more impressive is the genuine enthusiasm at all levels for moving the school forward. The school will now build on its rich 100-year history of leadership and accomplishment, and take its next great step.

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